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The ATOM COMICS Universe contains multiple species and civilizations throughout numerous millennia with over 40 unique special characters who, in one way or another, are all connected through a web of events, some much darker than others. All the characters adhere to the same chronology and fictional laws of physics that are inspired by and based on science. Although the stories have the element of Fantasy/Sci-fi in common, they are all interesting stories on their own merit based on their respective genres, such as drama, romance, crime, horror, and more. Moreover, There’s great focus on the emotional depth of the characters. Additionally, actual historic and world events, as well as existing mythology, are used with a unique fictional spin on them and are incorporated into the ATOM COMICS Universe.


We launched our social media accounts on April 8 2020 in an effort to get more people as excited as we are about this ambitious project.
You can read more about the creator and artist on our About page


The first of many more comic book series that we are creating is that of CARBON. This antihero is one of the central characters in this universe. A summarized Premise, of some of the events that have occurred, is provided to help better understand and appreciate Carbon’s story.

Volume ONE of Carbon is expected to be around 120 full color pages and it will be released in 2021. Join us on our journey and follow us on our social media to stay up to date! You’ll find the links on our Contact page. It would particularly help us if you also followed us on FaceBook and Twitter.


Mystery Planet - 1/4

A long time ago, on a planet on the other side of the galaxy, an ancient civilization was under attack by a ferociously hostile, yet intelligent, alien species. It proved very difficult to deal with them, even for this particular highly advanced ancient civilization. One of the research facilities on one of their moons was a target to these belligerent alien species’ attack. After a short battle, the research facility was completely destroyed. Its remnants and precious content was scattered throughout the nearby space. With new, and still relatively primitive technology, this ancient civilization sent all that was left of the research facility’s debris through, what we know as an Einstein-Rosen bridge, a portal. They did not know where or when the content of the accumulative debris would end up, so long as it would not fall into the hands of this brutish and merciless alien species that was still attacking them.

Gaia - 2/4

The accumulative debris and liquids had formed into a comet over time. On this side of our Milky Way galaxy, planet Gaia, also known as Earth, was struck by this comet approximately 3000 years ago. The atmosphere managed to only burn some of the mass of the comet but a sizable portion still managed to make impact. A great deal of the comet’s content was sturdy cases made from a unique alien material, a type of carbon with an unusually high, yet dynamic, isotope count. This alien carbon, Carbon-X where X stands for its variable isotope range, was native to the planet of its origin. These cases housed a special genetically altering formula designed for their super-soldier program. This active concoction was released upon the comet’s scattered impact with planet Gaia, our planet. Peculiarly however, the formula had an effect on the Homo-Sapiens, the humans, as well. It was not the same effect for whom the formula was originally intended, but the Homo-Sapiens’ DNA was evidently similar enough to also have an effect on a very few of them.

Homo Superior - 3/4

There were some whose DNA was affected by this formula but nothing seemingly happened. It was the offspring of those who were both affected by the formula that were genetically altered. There were some of these people who were just carriers of this genetic mutation, who later will become known as the HS-positives. They were overall healthier, more intelligent, and were not susceptible to certain viruses and diseases like other humans. However, there were those very few who were more than mere carriers, they were affected greatly and they will later become known as the Homo-Superiors. The fully evolved Homo-Superiors were a completely different species, altogether. Although the underlying basis of their powers was similar, if not the same, they still each had unique abilities, which were almost never fully triggered at birth. Although people have over time become increasingly more aware of the HS-positives and the fully evolved Homo-Superiors, they remained relatively undetected throughout history. This is because they have considerable less need for hospitals and thus blood analysis in the modern age. In the past some of them have inspired mythology of vampirism, witches, demons, angels, gods, magic, etc. Additionally, the vast majority were smart and therefore didn’t draw attention to themselves or their unique abilities.

Kappa-City - 4/4

In the early 2000’s there was a war fueled by a suspicious terrorist attack, of which its facts simply did not add up with the available evidence. The war was created with a hidden agenda and efforts to hide said agenda with a facade. They made the people think that the war was perhaps about oil. However, it was neither about terrorism, nor oil. The nation needed a reason to hostilely invade the country in question in order to seize ancient Babylonian scrolls and other ancient artifacts that the Anunnaki, an ancient civilization believed to have visited us, left behind in ancient Sumer, which is current Iraq and Iran. The scrolls and other artifacts contained lost technology and other important intelligence. As a result, an umbrella organization named Kappa-City had created a highly advanced battery technology in the mid 2000’s. This technology was seemingly so perfect, that only a small mass of this battery was needed to power a large car for a week without recharging. Moreover, this battery technology was not sensitive to combustion or even expansion. Needless to say, along with the advent of this new power technology came a slew of other new technologies and possibilities.

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Additional & Background Themes

In addition to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy theme, the stories are designed with the characters’ experiences, emotions, motivations, and challenges in mind. There is no clear good versus evil, and the events are not always black and white. There are a lot of gray areas. What drives someone to do something extreme, which justifications allow them to continue doing it, what are their breaking points, how do they deal with adversity, what kind of facade do they put up, and how does this all seep into a greater culture, as opposed to a single individual? These are some of the questions that will be explored in the stories through the eyes of the many characters.

The stories will also incorporate background themes of problems that are modern and more in line with the world in which we live today, such as government accountability and transparency, corruption, lack of privacy in an increasingly more digitally connected world, large scale international conflict, censorship and media manipulation through FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), poverty and poor economic opportunity, bigotry and fascism of any kind and their greater large-scale effects, etc. All of this will be in the ATOM COMICS’ jacket of Sci-Fi/Fantasy!

Character Bio

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Note: we are sharing minimal information in order to avoid spoilers. Their story will unravel in the comic book series.


What is the ATOM COMICS Universe?
The ATOM COMICS Universe is a new comic book universe created by AJ Ajami, which contains many original characters throughout different worlds and millennia, each with their own unique story. All characters adhere to the same chronology and fictional rules of physics. Check out the Premise page for more information.
When is the first comic book releasing?
We are working very hard on the first volume of our first comic book series: "CARBON"! It will be around 120 full color pages and is expected to be released in 2021. We are investing most of our money and time in this project and we are very excited to gradually share the progress with you (without spoiling)! If this becomes a success, we can continue making many more volumes and different ACU series comic books!
How many characters are there?
The ATOM COMICS Universe has over 40 unique special characters, at the moment. Each character has their own special abilities and unique history and background. The characters are all somehow connected with one another through an intricate web of events.
How can I help speed things up?
By following us and by staying engaged! It really helps us stay motivated, and reach new people that may be interested in what we do. Additionally, to attract potential partners and investors (we are very much unpaid right now), it would help immensely if you also followed us on Facebook and Twitter!
How many comic book series are there?
At the moment, there are 7 fully written, but yet unreleased series. Each character has great potential for their own series. However, we momentarily are only 2 unpaid guys with very limited resources and a very ambitious goal. Moreover, Becky Zhabagin is the sole illustrator and colorist on this project!
What type of content do you post?
We only post our own original content, whether that is a character or an excerpt of our comic book pages that are currently in development. We won't post anything that is not from the ATOM COMICS Universe.

About us

AJ Ajami
Founder / Writer / Art Director

I have always been somewhat of a daydreamer with an expansive network of stories in my mind. I started writing down some of these stories in early 2019. In the span of about four months, I had finished writing two books, one of which was the first book of Carbon. We will convert part of this book into our first comic book series, starting with Carbon Volume ONE. In the meantime, I have written about four more books that we will gradually convert into comic book series.

I grew up reading Marvel Comics and Image Comics as a young kid in the 90’s, although not as much as I had wanted to, due to insufficient funds. I also read a few Mangas later on, but not quite as many. Also being a big movie fan, it has been somewhat disappointing to see so many super hero stories get rehashed over and over again, and not always with quality in mind. I felt that they weren’t being done the justice that they deserved. Stan Lee is one of my role models, and I think what he started to help create back in the 30’s was exactly what the world needed. The stories and heroes were new and exciting, and above all, hope inspiring. However, I feel that we are ready for a change of style that is more befitting with the world we live in today and the incredible fast pace at which information travels. It was with this in mind that I started writing creatively.

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Bekarys “Becky” Zhabagin
Artist / Colorist

My love for drawing started in my early childhood. Drawing my favorite characters was my way of dealing with boredom in elementary school. The dream of creating my own designs for a popular movie or game, and becoming a part of something really big and wonderful, quickly sneaked into my head and remained there until even today.

The world of comics, however, I discovered at a later age. To me they were not just childish stories of cheesy heroes in colorful pants, but rather a form of art, which can touch readers’ souls just as deeply as a great novel is able to. The only difference is that it shows its wondrous worlds and stories by the stroke of the artist’s brush as well as by the pen of the writer. I was profoundly impressed by the amount of work and passion comic book artists put into every frame and page. Now it is my turn to put my passion into illustrating all these truly amazing stories that ATOM COMICS has in stock for you.

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